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The Osnabrück Summer Institute (OSI) aims to promote the interdisciplinary study and research of law and culture and their relation.

Based on the idea that the extended cultural study of the law encourages profitable scholarly dialogue between legal studies and the humanities, the Osnabrück Summer Institute particularly focuses on the interfaces between law and the humanities in regard to ongoing transnational debates surrounding questions of human rights, cultural identity and cultural property, migration and citizenship within a European and global context.

Interdisciplinary exchange between the humanities and legal studies will facilitate a better understanding of the complex interdependence between legal and cultural matters, and it will also open new and significant venues for methodological convergence and the establishment of substantial and robust inter- and transdisciplinary approaches.

The Osnabrück Summer Institute brings together leading national and international scholars concerned with the relation between law and culture with international doctoral and postdoctoral students from the humanities and legal studies to create a high-profile opportunity for the comparative study of law and culture and their complex and manifold interactions. In order to achieve these goals, the Institute presents an effective combination of workshops, lectures, panels and a final symposium, featuring presentations by participants, faculty and a group of guest lecturers, specifically selected as leading experts in their respective fields.

The Osnabrück Summer Institute, founded in 2009 and hosted by the Institute for English and American Studies (IfAA) at the University of Osnabrück, has successfully attracted excellent young scholars and researchers from the field of law and culture to Osnabrück.

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