Mar 04 2014

OSI Gathering at ASLCH Conference on March 11

We are happy to announce a special gathering for OSI staff, conveners, and alumni at the 17th annual convention of the Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and the Humanities (ASLCH)  in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

We have two events planned:

1. Whoever is up for a guided tour of the historic campus should meet with us at the main entrance of the law school at 5:30pm. After the tour, we will take the bus to downtown Charlottesville to have dinner together…

2. If you want to join us for dinner, please meet us at the The Whiskey Jar in downtown Charlottesville at 7pm. This is a restaurant/pub that specializes in regional cuisine (“new Southern”), local food suppliers, and, as the name implies, in whiskey.

Here is the website:

We are excited to see as many of you as possible!

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