Sep 01 2017

Final Symposium 2017

We want to thank all participants of the 2017 Osnabrück Summer Institute on the Cultural Studies of the Law for an invigorating week and an inspiring final symposium. It is always a great honor to host such talented young researchers and this year certainly has been no exception. This was never clearer than during the final symposium (here is the program), which featured insightful presentations and discussions on topics as wide ranging as ‘legal performance art,’ land access and rights, and the legal logics employed by civil rights programs.

The symposium concluded this year’s OSI and this means we would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the convenors: Marianne Constable, Danilo Mandic, Cristina S. Martinez, Sabine N. Meyer, Richard Perry, Beth Piatote, and Leti Volpp. Our thanks also go out to all the student assistants who kept things running smoothly, Irina Brittner for her tireless dedication, was well as to our sponsors and collaborating institutions.

We hope to see all of you again, soon!

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