May 09 2022

Marking Ownership: Contested Properties of Cultural Production

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Cristina S. Martinez and Nora Slonimsky will convene Workshop 2 under the title “Marking Ownership: Contested Properties of Cultural Production”. The workshop will deal with questions of property, copyright and cultural production. Find out more in their introduction:

This workshop considers the many layers, meanings and effects of what it is to own works of intellectual and creative labour. We will view these complex and interwoven topics through the lenses and experiences of race and gender to better understand how legacies of contested properties in the historical past relate to our current moment. We will therefore deliberate upon how copyright has been complicit in exclusion and marginalization.Drawing on historical and contemporary debates from multiple disciplines, we also plan to evaluate how demarcations of ownership, from visual symbols and signatures to other formal and informal signifiers, establish (or destabilize) proprietary control. In addition, taking into consideration Michel Serres’s notion of the parasite, we will examine contentions of intellectual property and discuss how authors, artists, and other creators navigate, experiment and influence the legal landscape and its periphery with related concepts of appropriation, piracy, theft and inheritance through declarations, contestation or rejections of ownership.

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