Jun 24 2024

Workshop 1: Interdisciplinarity

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In keeping with OSi tradition, we’re pleased to launch our institute with a workshop on interdisciplinarity, which this year will be convened by Leila Neti, Peter Schneck and Laura Zander.

The introductory workshop explores the relationship between law and culture and provides a forum for thinking about what it might mean to adopt an ‘interdisciplinary’ approach to research and teaching. It will examine the potential benefits of moving beyond a single discipline, while being mindful of the challenges confronting scholars who work at the crossroads of multiple subject areas. Our discussion will be anchored in readings that might loosely be placed under the rubric of ‘interdisciplinary analysis’, but the emphasis will be on students’ individual research projects. Along the way, we will engage with cognate issues such as the translatability and transferability of texts and concepts; the representations of gender, race, and sexuality; and the role of the critic in society. This workshop will provide a foundation for the other discussions in the week by encouraging its participants to reflect upon the assumptions, ethos, and value of their critical practic

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