Jul 03 2024

Workshop 4: Mobility and Rights

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Our concluding workshop will be held by Leti Volpp and Marco Wan on the topic of Mobility and Rights.

Our first session approaches mobility as a key issue in the study of law and the humanities. What happens when legal texts, concepts, and/or persons move into new cultural contexts? We will consider familiar questions such as translation, narrative, and interpretation in a global frame. Students will be encouraged to reflect upon how questions of mobility might structure their own research.

Our second session will focus on the mobility of persons in relation to rights. We will consider the concept of the “right to have rights” as articulated by Hannah Arendt in 1951 in relation to the importance of belonging to an organized political community. We will discuss how “the right to have rights” been taken up in relation to migration and to citizenship, the importance of territorial presence in claims making by immigrants, and the role of rights discourse in migrant struggles.

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