Workshop 1

Claiming Interdisciplinarity in Cultural Legal Studies

Convenors: Richard Perry, Peter Schneck

The introductory workshop seeks to explore the conceptual range, the central issues, and the critical potential of a cultural study of the law from various interdisciplinary perspectives. It will also address and focus on the particular ways in which the law becomes an agent in the formation and production of culture, and the ways in which cultural practices and beliefs shape the formation of legal culture(s) and their reproduction through legal concepts and frameworks. The first workshop is thus meant to open up a basic forum for the general discussion of theories, concepts and methods that a cultural study of the law and legal culture could or should entail. It is also offered as a forum to shortly introduce the individual research interests and projects of the various participants and formulate basic interests and objectives, which motivate the participants. Finally, the first workshop functions as an excellent preparation for the discussions in the remaining three workshops, asking and allowing for an interdisciplinary awareness and sensitivity needed for the collaborative achievement between law and the humanities.

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