Jun 22 2022

Workshop on Property, Law and Literature

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Ravit Reichman and Bryan Wagner will be convening Workshop 3 on questions of property, law and literature. Find out more in their introduction:

This workshop addresses basic questions in the interdisciplinary field of Law and Literature by returning to classic works on authorship, authority, copyright, and jurisdiction. We are planning for an open and wide-ranging discussion informed by, but not tethered to, our common readings. Our first session will address influential and sharply contrasting statements by Michel Foucault, Martha Woodmansee, Meredith McGill, and Oren Bracha on the emergence of the concept of authorship in the eighteenth century and its complex relationship to the development of copyright law. Our second session will focus on two foundational essays by Robert Cover, which take up the notion of normative worlds (“Nomos and Narrative”) and the concept of jurisdiction (“The Folktales of Justice”), and offer fertile ground for examining the connectedness of law, literature, and culture.

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